The Natures Wildlife Team!

Hi welcome to the team page, on tis page you can find offical natures willdife memebers .

Martin Knapton :

Owner and co-founder of natures wildlife. Martin is a wildlife conservationist and wildlife photographer who also loves gardening and  film making. 

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Charlene Knapton :

Wildlife conservationist who has a vast love for nature and growing vegitables .she has been a big part of the team and is now a new co-founder with martin on the new and improved Natures wildlife.

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Nature's Wildlife is to save our planet , our home!

We love our planet and we bleive in saving it and in helping our fellow people on this planet, we have places on this big blue ball that are being destroyed for no good reason ,forest cut down for wood and animals killed for fur . But we also need to think about the people who are suffering around the world. the people who's homes have been destroyed and those who are finding daly life hard. we need to save our planet, our wildlife our people.our home...

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