Natures wildlife foundation

Natures wildlife is more than just a webpage, blog, youtube channel,media group and podcast. We are more than a gardening and wildlife conservation group ,we are a buddhist conservation group that belives in helping people and animals , This is the Natures Wildlife Foundation way.

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We are buddhists

The natures wildlife team are buddhists ,we belive in buddha,and through our beliefs we created the Natures Wildlife Foundation. 


Animals have always been regarded in Buddhist thought as sentient beings. Here at The Natures Wildlife foundation we belive all life is sacred and should be protected .


We belive in helping others and doing our part to make their life's better in any way we can . we belive in the kindness of the soul.


All living creatures feel ,we belive in saving animals from pain and giving them freedom .we don't belive any animal shoud be hurt or tortured for human plesure. we belive all life is sacred and we work hard to do our part in protecting all.


we belive in conservation and saving the homes of all. be it habbitats of  wildlife or a home in the rainforest that is going to be destroyed by loggers. we belive in conservation and helping to save .

The Natures wildlife foundation is not like any of the other stuff we have ever done. Its been created to help both People and animals and to save both habbitats and peoples  homes through conservation . In different places around our world people and animals are losing their homes due to deforestation and to greedy business people  who only care about their next pay cheque. This is wrong and must be stopped .We have animals being captured and killed for their fur or for their ivory , we have poachers shootng animals for their walls and goverments that look the other way. This is wrong.

The Natures Wildlife foundation is built on a buddhist belief, that belief is that all life is sacred and that animals are also sentient beings whom deserve the right to live and be free . We belive that buddhism is the key column in our foundation and that it is what we have built Natures wildlife on , it holds up every thing we do and every action we take is to help people and animals and is reflected in the column like a mirror to the soul .