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We belive infomation is key to saving our planet and the willdife that callsi it home , our goals are to give people the power to do there part.

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We belive the correct infomation is key to doing our part to save nature , Here on the natures wildlife site we belive in making that info easy to find. use the links bellow to access the infomation you seek .and also feel free to follow us on socal media 

What natures wildlife stands for!

By Martin Knapton, Nature's willdife founder  

Natures wildlife is more than a conservation group its for giving people infomation they can use to do their part.. As a wildlife photographer and som e one who loves film and digital media as a way to empower that infomation ,be it a photo , a video or a piece of digital art or even sharing a lovely photo on socal media it all adds up , it may not have written words on it , but a image says a million words .

I remember when I setup Natures wildlife , it was all about gardening, growing vegitables and just trying to make a home for nature in our gardens.Now , its about more than that , its about infomation and content to help people do there part.Many aspects have not worked out but I belive that media content is king in spreading the word or conservation and in helping nature and our planet. Back in 2000 when I launched Natures wildlife with my mother carol who sadly passed away in 2018 ,we had a goal , that goal was to use simple acts to help the planet one step at a time . Did it work out ?.....Yes and no , Nature;s wildlife was struggeling to reach out to others and to spread the word and to get others to act .This was not someting we had or had not done ,we just did not embrace socal media like we should have done from day one .Now a couple of years later I began loving my photography and film making more and more and as a digital artists too ,I began thinking how can I uses what I love to help nature but also help others who love wildlife photography, birding and gardening + other outdoor activities ... Well now we cover more than just gardening for wildlife , we cover growing vegitables + many more .

Has natures willdife gone off track ???. No. I don't belive we have ,we have just changed how we deliver infomation .We now use media to deliver more than before as well as our blog posts and our beliefs in infomation is key has grown up a bit too , Now we deliver infomation in not just text but video , photo .All in all , natures wildlife has became a media hub ,a place to find the info you need to do your part.

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